This Yorkshire Shopping Centre Could Be Getting Its Own Beach & Aqua Park

This Yorkshire Shopping Centre Could Be Getting Its Own Beach & Aqua Park

If you’ve been to Meadowhall – or Meadowhell, to locals – you might well be of the opinion (as we are) that it’s quite possibly the best shopping centre in the region. And it’s about to get a whole lot better, at least that is if planning permission is granted for the centre’s brand new showstopping concept.

Submitting plans to Sheffield Council for a “summer-long retreat”, Meadowhall Contracts Ltd is looking to create its own oasis outside of the Oasis Food Hall, consisting of a beach area and an aqua park within the (would-be converted) Orange car park zone.

Credit: Photo © Chris Morgan (cc-by-sa/2.0)

The aqua ‘splash’ park would boast an array of inflatable rides and mini pools, with a sandy beach area overlooking transforming visitors from Sheffield to a land far away (if you close your eyes, I suppose!).

A number of fairground rides would be on hand for the kids, while grown-ups would be able to enjoy an on-site bar serving tasty tipples and cocktails throughout the summer months.

The concept would emulate a similar experience offered by Manchester’s Trafford Centre last summer, which also boasted a beach area, bars and fairground rides.

Credit: Photo © Tim Marchant (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Meadowhall Contracts said of the concept: “The concept of the summer deployment is a celebration of summertime and holidays, including sandy beaches, splash pools and water games, family rides and attractions, seaside games, gourmet foods, and daily entertainment programme of family fun, delivered by friendly staff.

“Parents are able to relax and shop, in the knowledge that their children can play in a self-contained, safe and clean environment. An entertainment team that will be deployed around the aqua splash and beach area, which will operate like holiday park entertainers with a different line up each day.”

If approved, the summer pop-up would run from late July until early September, and would pop-up every single summer for the next five years. Stay tuned for more updates as they come.

[Featured image: Studio Able]

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