Michelin Chef Michael O’Hare’s The Man Behind The Curtain Restaurant To Close For New Venture

Michelin Chef Michael O’Hare’s The Man Behind The Curtain Restaurant To Close For New Venture

Michael O’Hare set to close his Michelin Starred restaurant The Man Behind the Curtain, which opened in Leeds back in 2014, for a new venture. But, don’t worry if you’ve already got a booking, it won’t close until the end of the year.

O’Hare has been creating fantastic Michelin-starred goodness in his Leeds city centre venue for nearly a decade, but with the change in times, he decided to go in a different direction. He will close the Michelin-starred restaurant on the 31st December in order to refit for his new concept.

Man Behind the Curtain is known for infusing art with quality cuisine, making for a foodie experience like no other. Everything has been deeply thought of, including the decor, the food presentation, the colours that grace your plate, and the crockery it lies on. Inspirations from the food come from all over, too, with hints of Japanese, Italian and British influences combining together to make for some pretty special flavour combinations.

Credit: Man Behind The Curtain

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But what’s next for the Michelin starred Yorkshireman? The answer is Pyscho Sandbar, described as a ‘fish heavy, surf shacky kind of feel restaurant’, which will replace it in 2024. It’ll be a fine dining restaurant that’s more accessible to guests.

O’Hare states the change of the current landscape with such things as the impact of Brexit, the coronavirus pandemic and the cost of living crisis.

He states in his Instagram post: “Things need to change because the world has changed, and I have changed.

“As an industry we’ve been hit by three major, major waves. Brexit is the first, the unspeakable…we had the pandemic and then the cost of living crisis. That’s three huge things that impact a sector in such an enormous way.”

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Feature Image Credit: Man Behind The Curtain