M&S Has Returned With Its Light-Up Snow Globe Gin With 24-Carat Gold Inside

There’s only 99 days left until Christmas, which means that companies are beginning to ramp up their efforts in a bid to 1) salvage 2021 after the terrible summer weather and 2) sell us a tonne of stuff we don’t need, but very much want. And yep, we know it’s technically too early to start chatting about Christmas – but when the goods are this good, we can’t help it.

M&S have returned with the hugely successful Clementine Gin Liqueur from last Christmas, and this year it’s brought a friend. Yes, brand new for this year, M&S has launched a Spiced Sugar Plum Gin Liqueur to accompany the Clementine flavour. Just when you thought they’d spoiled you enough, they’ve gone and thrown a rum into the mix: a Madagascan Vanilla Spiced Rum Liqueur.

You can get amazing gift sets that include Light Up Snow Globe Gin Liqueur & Prosecco Gift Boxes for just £45.00 . Still the same light-up LED bases, but this time with edible silver leaf, too. As well as that, the designs this year take inspiration from a classic Christmas ballet: The Nutcracker.

The festive tipple lights up to create a winter feeling, which is sure to get you in the mood for a cheeky drink any time of the day. Irish coffee, anyone? Its lights display the designs this year take inspiration from a classic Christmas ballet: The Nutcracker, and when you shake the bottle, the edible golden flakes from last year also come in silver flakes too, which float down to the bottom – creating the effect of snow.

M&S suggests pairing its liqueur with a simple tonic, or for a super sparkling bev, add their Limited Edition Gold Conte Priuli Oro Prosecco (£10).

Product Developer, Jenny Rea says: “For me, the switching on of the Christmas lights is a huge festive moment, and in honour of this Yuletide tradition we are introducing a show-stopping, light-up snow globe gin liqueur, complete with edible gold leaf for that extra wow factor.”

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