All We Know About Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda & Clive Owen’s Converted 18th-Century Cottage

All We Know About Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda & Clive Owen’s Converted 18th-Century Cottage

The family lives on Ravenseat Farm, but they are not the landowners, and it was thought that their purchase of a new property last year was the family’s attempt to start putting down some roots. But, the Yorkshire Farm High Smithy purchase might be for new reasons now.

Anty Johns in Upper Swaledale has been chosen by the Owen Family, stars of ‘Our Yorkshire Farm’. However, what was first thought to be a new home for the family, who live on Ravenseat, which is owned by billionaire, Robert Warren Miller, might now not be the case.

Our Yorkhire Farm High Smithy
Credit: The Yorkshire Shepherdess

The High Smithy property otherwise known as Anty Johns will only include two bedrooms, which is highly unlikely to be home to Amanda, Clive and their nine children.

The planning officers of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority advised that the application be approved, stating that the plans struck a good balance’ between preserving the building’s historic character and meeting the needs of modern habitation. They also stated that they were in favour of the farm being reopened.

Anthony Clarkson, a Georgian-era land surveyor and commissioner who drew all of Swaledale’s tithe maps, used to live here. The National Archives still has copies of his papers. But the place had been empty for decades.

The stable area will be turned into a lounge with a kitchen and diner and a utility room with a shower room at the back of the house and upstairs there will be two bedrooms.

There will also be a living room, a hallway and stairs, as well as a cupboard in what used to be the parlour.

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Feature Image Credit: The Yorkshire Shepherdess

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