Yorkshire YouTuber Rates This Leeds Fish & Chip Shop’s Massive Special A 9.5 Out of 10

Yorkshire YouTuber Rates This Leeds Fish & Chip Shop’s Massive Special A 9.5 Out of 10

Everyone’s favourite YouTuber, Danny Malin, has been visiting a fish & chip shop in Leeds and has nothing but positive things to say about the local chippy.

The Yorkshireman, who is the presenter of the popular YouTube channel Rate My Takeaway, which has amassed a huge following of 583k subscribers.

And one of his latest posts was a chippy from Harehills in Leeds named Mermaid Fish Bar on Harehills Lane. The takeaway is known for its ‘special’ dish and Danny went over to see what the fuss was all about!

Starting his video he was hoping for a trip to his hometown of Harehills, but instead he’s off to Harehills in his words bceause “this place does a special that is beyond a special”

“So I want to go see if this is the whale of all whales, the special of all specials.”

Watch Danny Mallin review the fish & chips shop in Harehills Leeds below:

“I’m gunna try a big bad special.” He said he also wants something extra saying he “fancies a fish butty”. The special fish & chips set Danny back, but it’s all worth it for a special that’s right up Danny’s street.

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Danny ordered the special with peas, gravy, curry sauce and a breadcake along with a tea with his fish & chips. He also got a cheeky sugar free pop.

What’s special about the special I here you ask? Well, it’s basically a giant version of the classic dish. So large in fact that it comes on two separte classic newspaper sheets. It looks more of a challenge for Beard Meats Food than a a lunch time treat.

Danny Malin Mermaid Fish Bar

Descibring his meal Danny says: “It’s like a whale init… These chips look alright you know. They are nice. Got a nice flavour and they’re crispy.”

Danny was instantly impressed by his fish & chips offering saying “wow”. He carried on saying “Look at that fish fillet that is amazing. That is a nice white, chunky piece of fish. That tastes amazing. It has a beautiful crunch and a beautiful taste.”

Danny finished his meal with a cheeky fish & chip butty rounding off the video saying: “For me the spot is value for money. For me they’ve done a really good job.”

Danny rate the Mermaids Fish Bar in Harehills a 9.5 out of 10.

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Feature Image Credit: Rate My Takeaway

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