Sarah Lancashire Hailed As ‘ Best Actress Of All Time’ After Latest Episode Of BBC Drama ‘Happy Valley’

Sarah Lancashire Hailed As ‘ Best Actress Of All Time’ After Latest Episode Of BBC Drama ‘Happy Valley’

BBC drama Happy Valley went away for a while, but its return has met viewers’ expectations and maybe even exceeded in the first three episodes. If you’re yet to catch up on the latest episodes, be aware spoilers are below.

One thing we couldn’t believe was that Catherine’s grandson was the same actor as he’s grown up until a fully-fledged teenager.

We’ve enjoyed the return of the show having rewatched the first two series in the countdown to the third series. And although some characters may have aged, one thing that hasn’t changed is the quality of writing and performance.

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Sarah Lancashire’s performance as sergeant Catherine Cawood, who’s now nearing retirement, is absolute perfection.

The third series is set up with Cawood discovering a dead body in a drained reservoir that low-and-behold has a connection to Tommy Lee Royce, a murderous psychopath, who is father to her grandson having raped Catherine’s daughter.

In the third series Ryan, we find, has been visiting his father behind bars and a lot of this season is Catherine dealing with her grandson’s connection with his murderous father.

Viewers of the BBC drama’s third season have praised Lancashire for her ‘ Insanely good’ performance already begging for a fourth series because it’s just too good.

Episode two ended with Lancashire confronting her sister in a cafe as she finds out about her betrayal taking Ryan to see Tommy Lee Royse in prison. And the nation waited all week to watch the confrontation play out and it did not disappoint.

Fans were quick to show their appreciation with one fan calling Sarah: ‘one of the best [actresses] of all time.’

And it didn’t disappoint. Fans showed their appreciation saying the scene: “deserves all the accolades, tense emotional and some of the finest acting in the country”,

Another wrote: “Ten minutes of two people talking in a cafe. One of the best scenes in a TV drama in years.”

Lancashire and Finneran were dubbed as “a dream TV duo”.

Catch up via BBC iPlayer. The next episode of Happy Valley will be on BBC One at 9 pm on Sunday.

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