Yorkshire-Based, Seabrook Crisps Celebrates 75 Years With Limited-Edition ‘Fish & Chip’ Flavour

Yorkshire-Based, Seabrook Crisps Celebrates 75 Years With Limited-Edition ‘Fish & Chip’ Flavour
Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside!

There is nothing more Yorkshire than fish & chips by the seaside. The wind blowing the cobwebs today, the calming hum of the waves the loud squawk of a near-by seagull as it eyes up your tasty golden chips. Seabrooks, Yorkshire-based crips brand, is celebrating its 75th anniversary with their limited-edition fish and chips flavour.

The Bradford-based brand is going back to its roots. Starting as a fish & chip shop originally. They would fry and salt some crisps to keep customers in the queue happy whilst they waited for their chips. It wasn’t long before the customers were more enamoured by the tasty crinkled cut crisps than the fish & chips. So. Charles Brook and his son Colin in 1945 produced the original Seabrook Crisps.

Credit: Newfooduk

75 years on and Seabrook have teamed up with Yorkshire Post to create a nostalgic newspaper print testament to the fish & chips we all know and love. Instagram page New Food UK, have spotted these tasty throwbacks in Asda, they should be available more widely in other supermarkets also. So keep a look out for these tasty crinkled cut crisps.

Jon Wood, commercial director at Calbee UK, said: “It’s a testament to the brand and the quality of the product that Seabrook Crisps is celebrating 75 years and is still continuing to excite the nation’s taste buds and grow in today’s fiercely competitive market.

“We’re immensely proud of our Yorkshire roots and the partnership with the Yorkshire Evening Post for our limited-edition Fish & Chips flavour is a great way to celebrate 75 years of a truly iconic brand. We want retailers and consumers to share in the celebrations and will continue to invest in the brand with an ATL campaign that will drive awareness and sales.”
Available in a six-pack multipack and a 150g sharing pack, the limited-edition Fish & Chip packs will be stocked in major retailers as well as Cash & Carry and wholesale operators.

Yorkshire has plenty of fish and chip goodness on offer and we recently shared an article on the best fish and chips shops Yorkshire has to offer. As every Yorkshireman knows, if you want fish and chips done right, you have to come to Yorkshire to get it.

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