A Brewery That Sells Honey-Flavoured Beer Is Opening A Bar In Leeds

A Brewery That Sells Honey-Flavoured Beer Is Opening A Bar In Leeds

Expanding its horizons in its first venture out of Manchester, much-loved brewery Seven Brothers (or Bro7hers) is set to open a brand new bar in Leeds city centre – bringing their tasty brews to the people of Yorkshire for the very first time.

The experimental brewery, founded in Salford by the seven McAvoy brothers, is well-known for its delicious beers – which include their uber-popular Honeycomb beer (described as a Crunchie in a glass), and their ‘Cast-Off’ brews made in collaboration with Kellogg’s – which use cast-off Rice Crispies and Coco Pops to create their wondrous beers.

Credit: Seven Bro7hers

While further details are yet to be announced, Yorkshire folk can expect the grand opening to take place within the next six months – with planning well underway for the new venue.

Credit: Seven Brothers Ancoats

Beer lovers can expect the brewery to bring with them the beers that have put their name permanently on the map in Manchester, with regular events and live music, food, a laid-back atmosphere and industrial-feel decor for casual drinks.

The Seven Bro7hers brand is expected to catapult in success this year, with a huge fundraising campaign attracting hundreds of investors – and an additional North West venue opening up in Liverpool. It’s safe to say, us Leeds folk will be in good hands when we step into their brand new venue for the first time.

Credit: Seven Brothers

Seven Bro7hers also sells cans of their brews on their online website, so you can taste them ahead of their opening here. So far, the brewery operates three venues across Manchester, each proving extremely successful with the locals.

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