The Top Baby Names In Yorkshire For 2021 Have Been Revealed

The Top Baby Names In Yorkshire For 2021 Have Been Revealed

Baby names go in and out of trend every year and the most popular names according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) for 2021 have been released. If you’re looking for inspiration for baby names then this is for you.

The results showed that the most popular boy’s name across England and Wales was Noah, replacing Oliver. It was also the most popular baby name in Leeds with 75 baby boys named Noah in 2021. 4,525 baby boys were named Noah in total in 2021. Muhammed was the most popular Yorkshire name in 2021 with 669 babies given the name over the county.

In the steel city, Muhammed was the top name for boys with 41 newborns given the name. Amelia was the most popular girl’s name with 30 baby girls given the name in 2021.

The most popular baby girl’s name in Leeds was Amelia with 41 baby girls given the name last year. Olivia was the most popular name county-wide as well.

For the first time since 1996 when the annual series began, Jack has not featured in the top 10.

It is the first time Jack has not been in the top 10 since the annual series began in 1996.

James Tucker, Head of Health and Life Events Analysis, Office for National Statistics, said: “Noah has replaced Oliver as the most popular name for boys in 2021, moving Oliver into second place and ending an eight-year reign at the top.

“Leslie has had relatively little popularity in recent years with fewer than seven boys named each year since 2018. Others such as Nigel and Norman have not fared much better with 10 or fewer boys being named.

Below is a list of the most popular names for a baby girl in Yorkshire in 2021 and, in brackets, the number of times the name was recorded by the ONS.

The top 5 most popular baby boy names in Yorkshire and the Humber in 2021:

1) Muhammad 669

2) Noah 449

3) Oliver 415

4) George 402

5) Arthur 340

The top 5 most popular baby girl names in Yorkshire and the Humber in 2021:

1) Olivia 298

2) Amelia 272

3) Ava 256

4) Isla 230

5) Ivy 222

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