The Two ‘Happy Valley’ Actors Starred In A Raunchy Yorkshire Film

The Two ‘Happy Valley’ Actors Starred In A Raunchy Yorkshire Film

Happy Valley is all the nation is talking about, and with the BBC teaser of Sunday’s episode, it’s no surprise. But, did you know two members of the cast starred together in a very rude hilarious Yorkshire film?

The 1980s Yorkshire comedy, Rita, Sue and Bob Too is a classic these days and was based on the real-life council estate where the show’s writer Andrew Dunbar grew up.

The 35-year-old film featured two of the main cast from BBC Drama Happy Valley Siobhan Finneran, who plays Claire and George Costigan, who plays Neville. The pair featured beside each other in the 1987 Alan Clarke film.

Watch a scene from Rita, Sue and Bob Too below:

Rita, Bob and Sue Too is a saucy comedy-drama that tells the story of a pair of teenagers from a rundown Bradford estate who begin an affair with the married man played by Costigan, who they babysit for.

All sorts of hilarious scraps, and naughty scenes take ensue with a particular disco scene where 1980s pop party legends Black Lace perform a rendition of The Gang Bang.

Set in Bradford, West Yorkshire, the film was received positively with people praising the authentic portrayal by Siobhan and her co-stars.

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The film was the first and breakthrough role of Siobhan Finneran.

In other news, BBC released a trailer for the last episode of Happy Valley, which is set air on Sunday at 9pm. In the trailer, we saw Ryan being questioned by the police about his last contact with Tommy Lee Royce and Catherine looking distraught.

Not wanting to give much away, the trailer just quenches the viewer’s thirst for the final episode which is set to be over an hour long.

Viewers believe that Ryan will be key to the end of the show, which will most likely end up in a showdown between Catherine and Tommy Lee Royce, but only time will tell.

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