Sean Bean Defends New BBC Drama ‘Marriage’ With Viewers Calling It ‘Boring’

Sean Bean Defends New BBC Drama ‘Marriage’ With Viewers Calling It ‘Boring’

Sean Bean’s new BBC drama Marriage has been met with mixed reactions with some people taking to Twitter to call the show boring. In a joint interview in a recent Q&A, Bean defended the drama.

Whilst appearing with co-star Nicola Walker and director Stefan Golanszewski, according to The Mirror Bean named police dramas ‘boring’ despite one of Nicola’s most famous roles being a detective in the popular ITV show Unforgotten.

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Marriage has been criticised for being slow-paced by some viewers but critics gave it rave reviews. Bean said “I’m bored of watching a lot of programmes these days, especially about detectives.

“I don’t know why people always making a story about detectives and police. They are so boring. I hate reading detective novels too.”

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Sean added: “Almost all the characters end up repeating themselves and telling the next guy what just happened. It is just the same old kind of structure.”

Nicola saw the funny side, laughing and mouthing ‘it’s me’ during her co-star’s rant.

Credit: BBC

The first episode of BBC One drama Marriage aired this week and viewers weren’t sure about it. It tells the tale of a long relationship, worts and all, between Emma and Ian, who are bonded by a terrible event.

BBC One drama Marriage has received rave reviews from critics – but as the first episode aired this week, viewers were not so sure.

Viewers were quick to critique the new series with one: “What am I actually watching? Am I just not getting something?”.

Whilst another wrote: “It’s like watching paint dry, is that the point? Great actors but it’s really really bad.”

Stream the whole series on BBC iPlayer here, or watch it on BBC One at 9 PM on Sunday 21st August with the final episode on Monday at the same time.

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