This Immersive Viking Experience Is Coming To Whitby This Month

This Immersive Viking Experience Is Coming To Whitby This Month

Looking for something exciting to do this summer holidays? Why not face the marauding Vikings at Whitby Abbey? If you’re not scared that is!

Vikings are set to continue their wave of terror along the North East coast and they’re setting up their encampment at Whitby Abbey you can be a part of it!

Credit: English Heritage

Witness spectacular displays of combat, hear tales of daring conquests and learn about the weapons and skills needed to become a feared Viking right from the horse’s mouth.

You can learn battle skills ready for taking part in your own skirmish at the Vikings at Whitby Abbey event that is taking place from Sat 27 to Mon 29 Aug 2022.

Credit: English Heritage

The action takes place between 10am and 4pm and is suitable for all ages. If this sounds like something that would interest you, head over to the English Heritage website here and get your tickets today.

Did Vikings settle in Whitby?

They did, York isn’t the only Yorkshire spot with its links to Vikings. They arrived in 876 AD and destroyed the monastery and renamed the settlement ‘Hvitabyr’ which is old Norse for belonging to Hviti or White Settlement.

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