This Northern Lights Display Along The Yorkshire Coast Is ‘One Of The Best Ever Seen’ In The UK

This Northern Lights Display Along The Yorkshire Coast Is ‘One Of The Best Ever Seen’ In The UK

Most people may believe that to see the infamous Northern Lights you’d have to head over to Iceland, Canada or Norway, but did you know you can capture the wonderous lights here in God’s Own Country.

Avid stargazers Nicola Carr and Simon Scott found, who hold stargazing sessions at Dalby Forest with their company Astro Dog, managed to capture one of the best displays of the Northern Lights outside of the Arctic Circle.

The stunning colours, also known as the aurora borealis, are a product of solar activity and are caused by charged particles in the solar wind interacting with molecules in the upper atmosphere of the Earth.

Check out the image captured by the pair below:

Credit: Astro Dog

This causes the sky to have hues like light green, pink, and tones of red, yellow, blue, and violet, which can be seen in Alec Scott’s shot over the Yorkshire Coast.

The pair describe themselves as aurora chasers and saw the lights at the clifftop near Scalby Mills, overlooking Jackson’s Bay in Scarborough on September 27th at 2:30am

The Yorkshire Post reported them saying that the had said: “We ventured out at 1am following watching the live feed of NASA’s DART mission given there was a possibility of aurora – and we were treated to the most incredible display. Prior to this, there was heavy rain all down the coast, but thankfully it cleared up by this point, only leaving the strong gales.

“Initially there was aurora there, but at around 2.30am the aurora came to life, stepping it up to another level. The aurora was dancing and there were arcs, rays and distinct pillars visible to the naked eye. We could see them dancing gracefully across the northern horizon.

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“Stretching high up towards the Plough, we could even see the colours to the naked eye. We are dedicated aurora chasers and head out at every opportunity. This was easily one of the best displays we’ve ever witnessed in the UK in several years of chasing the lights – absolutely breathtaking.

“After many years of chasing the lights, this was certainly up there with the top two displays we’ve witnessed outside of the Arctic Circle.”

Credit: Alec Scott

The pair aren’t the first to capture some incredible shots of the Northern Lights along the Yorkshire Coast, photographer Alec Scott also captured impressive shows, which you can see above.

The aurora borealis is anticipated to reach lower latitudes due to this solar activity, possibly making it visible in the United Kingdom.

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