This Yorkshire City Has Been Named The Best Place For A City Break In Europe In 2023

This Yorkshire City Has Been Named The Best Place For A City Break In Europe In 2023

One of Yorkshire’s top cities has made it into a list of the best city breaks in Europe for 2023, according to lifestyle magazine Time Out.

Sheffield is a beautiful leafy city that still has the feel of its cultural past as the centre of the steel industry whilst having a vast cultural scene including incredible food & drink offering and an entertainment hub.

Beating out a lot of beautiful places Steel city Sheffield, took home the silver for city breaks to take in 2023 according to Time Out’s Dan Wray.

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Describing what Sheffield has to offer visitors Wray writes: “A city once synonymous with coal-blackened buildings and industrial churn, Sheffield is now more familiar with another colour: green.

“Recently crowned ‘the greenest city’ in the UK, it boasts 4.5 million trees (more per person than any other city in Europe), 250 public parks and 52 square miles of national park. Combine the lush greenery – and proximity to the Peak District – with a vibrant city rich in culture, food and drink, and you have two kinds of holiday wrapped into one.”

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It is always nice to see different Yorkshire locations featured in lists like this as the usual suspects Leeds and York would be the cities featured in guides like this.

With Sheffield, you have Kelham Island, which was also named the coolest neighbourhood, which has some fantastic restaurants for date nights and weekends away and the Peaks is just a stone’s throw away with walks like Lud’s Church and others right on your doorstep.

Coolest place in Yorkshire

In Sheffield city centre, which is going through a transition at the minute like many cities across the country with empty units, you’ll find beautiful architecture and little gems waiting to be found.

Along with the city of Sheffield’s offerings, the national park has a range of fantastic pubs and restaurants waiting to be explored in the Peak District.

We are saying touting Hull for 2024, with its beautiful Fruit Market and Marina area it is vastly improving year on year and it’s about time visitors started enjoying what it has to offer.

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