This Yorkshire Hotel Chain Is Serving A Luxury Christmas Dinner For Dogs

This Yorkshire Hotel Chain Is Serving A Luxury Christmas Dinner For Dogs

Those of us with pets know all too well that owning a dog – or even a cat, if that’s your preference – is kind of like having a hairy kid with four legs. We love them to bits, and we’d do anything to keep them happy. Even throw them a bone once in a while for good measure.

Dialling that pet love up a notch (or three), however, is the Hilton hotel group – who’ve recently announced a new pet-friendly offering especially for Christmas.

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Whipping up a three-course meal designed for pooches only, four-legged guests at participating Hilton Hotels will receive a meal fit for a King this Christmas – each receiving three luxury dog bowls filled with delicious festive grub.

We’ll be honest, it’s so luxury, even our own Christmas dinner probably won’t compare, with the menu boasting tasty dishes such as steak bites infused with dog-friendly wine and herbs, a turkey roast complete with dog-friendly pigs in blankets, mashed potato, carrots, green beans, broad beans and gluten free gravy, and a slow-cooked beef brisket pudding for dessert topped with a white sauce.

If that wasn’t enough glitz and glam for one hell of a pampered pooch already, each dog will receive a ‘single mutt-whisky’ – a completely non-alcoholic drink triple distilled with alfalfa, gingko, burdock and devil’s claw. 

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Designed by veterinary nutrition experts, Hilton has created the menu in a bid to make Christmas special for every member of the family, with 29 hotels across the UK participating in the new offer from December 3rd right through to New Year’s Eve.

The three-course meal is available to order for all guests who book a dog-friendly room at a Hilton hotel this December, costing just £9.95 (on top of the cost to stay the night). Prices for a night’s stay in Yorkshire start at £60pn.

It’s unconfirmed exactly which 29 hotels are participating, however, Yorkshire’s dog-friendly Hilton hotels include Hull, Harrogate, Sheffield and Doncaster. Find out more and book here.

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