This Yorkshire Park Has Been Named One Of The Most Beautiful In The UK

This Yorkshire Park Has Been Named One Of The Most Beautiful In The UK

We had our first taste of summer last week, and the vitamin D had us feeling ready for some summer fun. Venturing out on walks, visiting all the beautiful places that Yorkshire has to offer has got us pumped. 

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With so much on offer, it’s hard to decide where to go. Well, after hearing that one of Yorkshire’s beautiful parks has been named in the top 10 parks to visit in the UK, according to a study, we thought that is probably the best place to start.

It’s no surprise that one of our beautiful parks has been included in a list that is mostly London-based parks. Yorkshire has such natural beauty that it manages to creep into almost all lists in some form or other. 

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A study done by Flowercard based on reviews from TripAdvisor found that Roundhay Park in Leeds was voted 9th best park to visit in the UK. The survey took into account places that were most frequently called ‘beautiful, picturesque, and ‘pretty.

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Leeds’ Roundhay Park was the only northern park to feature in the list with the majority being in London. Roundhay has a beautiful lake that is perfect to stroll around as well as 700 acres of parkland, lakes and woodland to venture around. It is one of the biggest city parks in Europe and attracts nearly a million people to visit each year.

Credit: Credit: Mansion Garden House

Roundhay Park has two cafes and an ice cream shop as a reward for taking a walk, and is also a very popular wedding, and entertainment venue.

Check out the full list here: 

  1. St. James’s Park – London – 1,564 ‘beauty’ reviews
  2. Hyde Park – London – 1,387 ‘beauty’ reviews
  3. Princes Street Gardens – Edinburgh – 1,318 ‘beauty’ reviews
  4. Cockington Country Park – Torquay – 1,243 ‘beauty’ reviews
  5. Kensington Gardens – London – 1,140 ‘beauty’ reviews
  6. Regent’s Park – London – 1,139 ‘beauty’ reviews
  7. The Quarry – Shrewsbury – 767 ‘beauty’ reviews
  8. Richmond Park – London – 700 ‘beauty’ reviews
  9. Roundhay Park – Leeds – 685 ‘beauty’ reviews
  10. Lower Gardens – Leamington Spa – 685 ‘beauty’ reviews

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