Two Yorkshire Fish & Chip Shops Named In The Top 5 In The UK

Two Yorkshire Fish & Chip Shops Named In The Top 5 In The UK

There is nothing better than a good ol’ bag of chips in the summertime and with Yorkshire being named as one of the best places for the iconic UK dish you have no reason not to indulge this summer. Being a coastal county there is plenty of options from fresh fish & tasty chips grown and caught locally.

New data by Parkdean Resorts revealed that Yorkshire is the second best place in the UK to get the best fish & chips on offer. The research took into account a range of factors such as cost, portion size and TripAdvisor reviews to come to their conclusion.

Not only did their research find that Yorkshire was the best value for fish & chips, but it also featured two of its chippies in the top 5 in the UK.

Credit: Dutch Friest

In first place was a fish & chip shop named Codfellas in Ipswich which had a 98% rating of reviews ranked Excellent – which you can’t really argue with to be fair. But, not far behind taking the silver was Dutch Fries in Leeds which matched its ‘Excellent’ rating with a score of 98% as well.

Discussing the Leeds chippy which is found located on Brudenell Road a popular student area of Leeds, the article pointed out that they’re known for their amazing chips. With an extensive selection of burgers from fish, chicken & beef, and even some delicious vegan and vegetarian options – the Leeds eatery caters for everyone.

Credit: Orignial Fisheries

Just missing out on a podium spot was Original Fisheries in Leeds again which came in 4th place with an ‘Excellent’ score of 97% for its fish & chips, which is still bloomin’ high. They’re found located in Bramley and have been serving customers the old-fashioned way with beef dripping for over 100 years.

Check out the full analysis by Parkdean resorts here.

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