York Primark Is Opening For 39-Hours Straight This Weekend

York Primark Is Opening For 39-Hours Straight This Weekend

Monks Cross Primark in York is to be open around the clock this weekend for a massive 39-hours. The mammoth stretch is to help make up for the lost Christmas shopping time. So, if you’re wondering where to go to get your last-minute shopping done, you can pop down to Primark from 9 am this morning until midnight on Saturday.

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Primark has said it is “to help reduce queues and give customers more time to shop safely”. To ensure it is safe at night time the company has increased security staff by nearly 70% to manage customer safety and to ensure that everyone is socially distanced whilst shopping.

Primark retail director Simon Gibbs said: “The safety of our employees and customers remains our highest priority. The ability to stay open through the night has meant more shoppers can shop safely with us over the festive season.

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“We would like to thank customers for their continued cooperation on our social distancing policy and remind them to be considerate of our safety measures, and of others, both while queuing outside and in-store.”

They intend to keep customers up-to-date with queueing times via Twitter from 8 pm to 8 am. “These live updates will help to keep customers informed on queue times and allow them to make a decision to visit the store during quieter periods,” a spokesperson said.

The store previously stayed open for 24 hours following a month-long closure as a result of the November lockdown.

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