Watch This Yorkshire Haka At Towns Boxing Day Tug Of War Tradition

Watch This Yorkshire Haka At Towns Boxing Day Tug Of War Tradition

It’s that point in the Christmas holidays when no one knows what day it is and clothes seem to be a little snugger after all the leftovers have been tucked into and chocolate boxes emptied.

One town in Yorkshire has come up with the best way to burn off some of their calories with their Boxing Day tradition of a tug of war competition.

And this year was extra special as the Yorkshire folk of Snaith decided to start their tug of war with the Yorkshire version of the Haka. Watch the Yorkshire Haka below.

A Haka is a Maori war dance or challenge that is usually performed in a group and represents a display of a tribe’s pride, strength and unity.

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And they don’t come much prouder than a Yorkshireman. In the Haka you can hear a few of the Yorkshireman words and phrases that make our county what it is.

The video was popular with over 100k across Instagram and Facebook views. Fans were quick to comment writing: “so funny…nearly spat out me brew!”

Yorkshire Haka

Another one wrote: “Not English but very much Yorkshire lass ! That’s so reet ! Ay yup ! How much”

This isn’t the first time the Yorkshire Haka has been performed. The Yorkshire Haka went viral a few years ago as some sportsmans did a Yorkshire take on the Maori war dance.

The video below shows Peter Drinnan, vice-president of Leodiensians RUFC in north Leeds, and several other past and present players back in 2017, according to the Yorkshire Post.

The group caused quite a stir when they were spotted in Auckland giving a rendition of the Haka in flat caps replacing the traditional Maori chants with Yorkshire Phrases

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