This Yorkshire Town Holds The Record For Largest Yorkshire Pudding Ever Made

This Yorkshire Town Holds The Record For Largest Yorkshire Pudding Ever Made

We all love a good Yorkshire pud, and the biggest the better. They complete a Sunday Roast and are an iconic part of Yorkshire heritage. There are a few traditional foods from Yorkshire that we like to shout about, and Yorkshire puddings are one of them. It was not surprising then, that the largest Yorkshire pudding was made right here in Yorkshire. Check out the largest Yorkshire pudding made in Yorkshire.

The Guinness World Records, states that the largest Yorkshire Pudding ever measured is 46.46 m2 and was made in Skipton back in 1996 by the Skipton Round Table. It overtook the previous record set in 1975. Need a whole load of gravy to get that down you.

The history of the Yorkshire pudding is an interesting one, as they were originally called ‘dripping puddings’ and were a way of catching the juices from the cooking meat, as to not waste it. It was first called a ‘Yorkshire Pudding’ back in 1747 when Hannah Glasse published the recipe in her book ‘The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy’.

Largest Yorkshire Pudding Yorkshire
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Yorkshire puddings are traditionally served with a roast dinner, but us Yorkshire folk used to have ’em for starters, mains and afters as a way to fill you up. They go well with roasties, jam (yes, they are a dessert as well), or anything left over. They’re the ultimate multi-purpose food.

We researched lots of ways to eat Yorkshire puds in an alternative fashion in a bid to show you guys how versatile they can be. If you’d like to check ’em out, give our article a read here.

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