Yorkshire Set To Be Hit With Swirls Of Snow During The Last Two Weeks Of November

Yorkshire Set To Be Hit With Swirls Of Snow During The Last Two Weeks Of November

After years of hoping for a White Christmas, it looks like this year, we might finally get one.

Getting much frostier as early as this week, those living on high land in areas such as the Dales and the Peak District could see sprinklings of snow, with temperatures plummeting to as low as 2 degrees in Northern areas of Yorkshire and 4 degrees by the coastline.

The news comes as Brits have enjoyed milder temperatures as of late, with many Yorkshire folk (probably) only just getting the jumpers out in a bid to avoid putting the heating on. We jest, but it’s definitely the case in our house right now.

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Reporting a seriously bloomin’ cold Autumn just this week, expert Jim Dale from British Weather Services told the Express: “This will be the coldest week of the autumn to date, with air and ground frosts for many inland areas even as soon as tomorrow.”

Predicting temperatures below average for November, Yorkshire folk can expect to wrap up a little warmer than usual – with freezing temperatures expected for as soon as this Friday’s Bonfire Night.

Later on in the month, Brits could expect up to eight inches of snow in some areas, with icy temperatures predicted to arrive by the middle of November. It’s currently unclear which areas could be showered with snowflakes, however, the Metoffice predicts that both Northern and Northwestern areas are most likely to experience “wintry showers” between the 16th and 30th November.

Could this be the year we see snow on the ground as Santa flies down our chimneys? After seven years since the last one, we definitely hope so.

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