Carling Is The Most Sold Lager In UK’s Pubs

Beer is the topic of the hour at the minute! With beer gardens being open next week, most of us can’t wait for that first pint. We know that we’ve booked the day off, so we can finally visit the pub for a few ales and get used to life post-lockdown. What will be our first pint of choice? That’s the big question. After what seems an age since pubs shut their doors, the first pint has to be a good one.

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Well, according to The Morning Advertiser, the top three lager brands has remained the same as last year. Carling, Fosters and Carlsberg are the top best-selling lagers last year.

Thanks to lockdown, sales of lager dropped significantly in 2020 as pubs were closed and had restricted access most of the year. Carling sold 1,722,793HL in 2020 compared to 2,940,465HL sold the year before.

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What will you be drinking when you venture back to the pub? We have a list of 7 of our favourite Yorkshire Breweries if you’d like to try something new this summer. Make sure whatever your beer of choice is that you try out some of our favourite beer gardens in YorkLeedsSheffieldHull and the Yorkshire Dales.

Check out the list for the lager category here:

  1. Carling
  2. Fosters
  3. Carlsberg Pilsner
  4. Coors Light
  5. Stella Artois
  6. Peroni
  7. Amstel
  8. San Miguel
  9. Tennents
  10. Birra Moretti
  11. Heineken
  12. Kronenberg

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