Yorkshire’s Most Popular Attraction Is Set To Reopen With New Attractions Next Month

Yorkshire’s Most Popular Attraction Is Set To Reopen With New Attractions Next Month

Found in Middleham, Leyburn is a secret garden full of follies, mystical statues, fun hiding places and more endless surprises than any garden you’ve visited. The popular Forbidden Corner is like something out of Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland, and they’re set to reopen with new attractions and renovations to the popular Corner Cafe.

One of the new additions is a large sculpture representing a horse, which is set to be unveiled on the day of their reopening for Insta moment snaps.

Credit: Forbidden Corner

There will also be new unusual stone carved sculptures dotted all around the park for visitors to find. There will also be a new app that challenges you to complete a range of puzzles along your journey through the park.

Along with the new additions the Forbidden Corner Cafe has had a major transformation with new artwork, paint job and a new menu.

Credit: Forbidden Corner

Guests can choose from an array of food and drink options such as hot drinks, sandwiches, soft-serve ice cream homemade doughnuts and more.

The park can be found within a four-acre garden in the heart of Tupgill Park and is one of Yorkshire’s top attractions who put on a range of fantastic events throughout the year.

Set to open on the 1st of April The Forbidden Corner’s operations manager, Darren Weatherill said: “I am very excited to see how our customers respond to the new and exciting changes we have implemented since last season.

Credit: Forbidden Corner

“We have made big changes to our cafe with a focus on reducing time spent queuing as well as creating a vibrant, fresh grab and go offering with our fantastic chef.

“In the attraction itself we have refurbished some areas that were starting to look a bit tired with either something brand new or a fresh take on the original concept which means even returning visitors will have the opportunity to discover something new.”

To get tickets and find out more visit the website here.

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