A Very Yorkshire Christmas: When’s It On & Where Was It Filmed?

A Very Yorkshire Christmas: When’s It On & Where Was It Filmed?

Tis the season to kick back and get into the festive spirit – mulled wine in hand, Christmas film on the tele. And what better place to start than right here in Yorkshire?

Filmed in God’s Own Country itself (the entirety of it, despite what the movie poster would suggest!), A Very Yorkshire Christmas is set to grace the screens once ago, providing the ultimate Christmas cheese alongside fantastic Yorkshire scenery. Here’s everything you need to know, including the A Very Yorkshire Christmas filming locations that you can visit yourself.

Credit: Studio KS1

When’s it next on?

A Very Yorkshire Christmas (also known as A Very British Christmas) is currently scheduled to air on Channel 5 this December 11th at 1.50pm and is also available until January 2022 to watch on My 5.

What’s it about?

The movie follows Jessica Bailey, a talented Opera singer from the States who misses her flight to Vienna and ends up accidentally getting a train to Knaresborough.

But while there mistakenly, Jessica begins to find herself at home in the country. Will a Christmas romance happen? Tune in to find out.

Who’s in it?

All Creatures Great and Small‘s beloved Rachel Shenton takes the main role of Jessica, with Mark Killeen (Game of Thrones) co-starring as Andrew.

Talented Shenton plays American Opera singer Jessica, shedding her All Creatures Yorkshire accent for a more LA-esque one.

Other cast members include Isla Cook making her debut as Katie, and Vanity Fair‘s Michele Dotrice as Sandra.

Credit: Studio KS1

Where are the filming locations for A Very Yorkshire Christmas?

Much of the movie’s scenic shots were taken in the picturesque town of Knaresborough. Viewers will see the river, the viaduct and a number of cafes just ten minutes into the film.

In addition to Knaresborough, Pickering train station was used for all train station shots (despite Knaresborough station’s prettiness), with prominent Knaresborough locations including the river bank and viaduct, Knaresborough Castle, Allerton Holiday Park, Art in the Mill, Marigolds, Number Thirteen coffee shop, and the market square.

Why is it also known as A Very British Christmas?

In addition to the obvious (that Americans watching are probably more pulled in by the British hook, over Yorkshire), its rumoured that the movie was rebranded due to the lack of Yorkshire accents in the film and marketed as a more general British romance.

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[Featured image: Studio KS1]

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