Actor From ‘Happy Valley’ Says He Doesn’t Know How It All Ends For His Character

Actor From ‘Happy Valley’ Says He Doesn’t Know How It All Ends For His Character

Well, last night’s Happy Valley show didn’t disappoint fans. The action-packed BBC drama fitted a lot into the one-hour episode that had our hearts racing by the end.

The most anticipated show of 2023 has had highs and lows this series and the highs just got higher in the latest instalment with episode four of series three having fans on the edge of their seats shouting at the screen.

Be aware that there may be some spoilers in this article for those who haven’t watched episode four of the new series.

Credit: BBC

From the shine coming from urine ridden jacket to the intense court scene that saw psychotic killer Tommy Lee Royce played by James Norton escape.

One character in which we saw a real change was Faisal played by Amit Shah. Rob, bumped into his car as Faisal came out of the drive and instead of the weak-willed and panicked actions we usually see he was very calm and collected and we saw a “Complicated power struggle between” Rob and Faisal.

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Speaking on BBC Sounds podcast ‘Obsessed with… Happy Valley’ with hosts Isy Suttie and Amy Gledhill he discussed his role in the series saying in that particular scene he channeled his inner Walter White from the popular show Breaking Bad.

He discussed with Izy and Amy how he said: “Going through a weird transition period where I’m on top and I’m in control.”

“A switch goes in his head… It’s just a different him” comparing it to Walter White in Breaking Bad when he’s “taking control” of his situation.

His character is a great example of Sally Wainright’s writing to which he agreed saying: “I think the beauty of Sally’s writing. She doesn’t really create goodies and baddies. They’re all flawed in their own way”

“He has a flaw. Why is that and how do I make it real and human?” He continued saying “That’s why I didn’t treat him as a baddie”

One revelation from the BBC sounds interview is that the actor doesn’t know how it all ends for Faisal. Speaking about the ending he said: “I still don’t know how it ends up for him. We filmed the final scenes in various different ways.”

“I’m not entirely sure how he’s going to end up.”

He also spoke about what other character he’d Ryan’s friend when asked what other character he’d liked to have played saying: “I really like the character. I think there’s some lovely moments on the barge. He’s just so hilarious.”

“I love watching child performances, how’s the director got that out of him?”

Happy Valley airs every Sunday at 9pm on BBC One and you can watch it on catch up via BBC iPlayer.

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