Yorkshireman Becomes First Person To Finish £60 Mixed Grill Challenge

Yorkshireman Becomes First Person To Finish £60 Mixed Grill Challenge

We love Yorkshire competitive eater and YouTuber Adam Moran aka ‘BeardMeatsFood’. His food challenges along with his affable personality make for excellent viewing and in his latest video, you took on the unbeaten fo challenge at The Moutain Air in Wales.

The challenge is named ‘The Mount Mixed Grill Challenge and will set you back £59.99, but what does it entail? You’ll have an hour to chow down on a whole load of tasty meats.

The grill includes 16oz of steak, 16oz of gammon, two chicken breasts, four pork steaks, two lamb chops, four jumbo sausages, four fried eggs, garden peas, onion rings and chips.

BearMeatsFood Mixed Grill Challenge
Credit: BeardMeatsFood

Which is a whole lot of food. If you give this a go, don’t be surprised if you end up with meat sweats afterwards. You can watch Adam take on the challenge below:

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It looked like BeardMeatsFood might not complete the task after 17 minutes when he said it was starting to ‘get to’ him a bit. The Yorkshireman ploughed on and finished the challenge with the remaining pork rind.

Complete the huge platter in 37 minutes and 19 seconds, he became the first person to complete the huge Welsh food challenge – and in classic BeardMeetsFood fashion he even managed to have a little bit of pud.

The massive meat plate will set you back £60, but if you manage to complete the challenge you’ll get the whole thing for free.

But don’t presume it’s easy. Be aware that Adam Moran is a professional competitive eater and YouTuber. He is currently ranked 15th best professional competitive eater in the world, according to his Wikipedia page.

The former Leeds banker and qualified persona; trainer travels all around the UK and worldwide seeking out challenges and has a big YouTube following of 2.5 million followers – not bad for something that started as a hobby.

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