5 Of The Best Sunday Roasts In Leeds You Need To Try

5 Of The Best Sunday Roasts In Leeds You Need To Try
Nothing beats a good old roast dinner with all the trimmings...

Nothing beats a good old roast with all the trimmings on a Sunday, and let’s face it when you’re Northern, it’s basically blasphemy to skip the weekly tradition. As a self-professed gravy addict, I’ve been on a mission to find the greatest roast dinner in the UK – so to make your life a little bit easier, we’ve rounded up the best Sunday roasts to try in Leeds. Read on for some inspiration!

1. The Beck & Call, Meanwood 

Credit: Beck & Call

Located in the North of Leeds, The Beck & Call opened just this summer and has already made a name for itself with its delicious food and giant Yorkshire puds. So much so, it’s already one of the best Sunday roasts in Leeds. The brainchild of the duo behind Belgrave Music Hall, Headrow House and Water Lane Boathouse, this Sunday roast comes in with an affordable price tag (just £13.95) and includes a variety of meat options, from the topside of beef, slow roast lamb shoulder and even vegetarian haggis. 

The dinners come with all the trimmings – from the green good stuff to rosemary and thyme seasoned roasted vegetables cooked in butter, all finished off with homemade gravy. I’m making you drool, aren’t I? 

2. The White House, Roundhay 

sunday roasts leeds
Credit: The White House

Just a couple of miles out from the city centre, The White House is a traditional pub with an open fire, perfect for those who fancy a more wholesome Sunday with a scenic walk through Roundhay Park ahead of scranning your body weight in Yorkshire Puddings. 

The pub itself has quite the history, too – being built over 100 years ago and boasting beautiful, Edwardian features, along with having easy access to the North Yorkshire Moors. 

With plenty to pick from, the highlights of their Sunday menu are the £11.99 choices of topside of beef, pork loin and turkey breast. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can splash out a little extra for slow-cooked beef rib (£14.99) or slow-cooked lamb shoulder (£13.99). Yum. 

Each roast comes served with buttered roast veggies, homemade Yorkshire puddings, a choice of rosemary and garlic goose fat roasties or minted baby potatoes… Not forgetting a generous splash of homemade gravy on top. I’m sold… 

3. Whitelock’s Ale House, Leeds City Centre

sunday roasts leeds
Credit: Whitelock’s Ale House

Often being hailed the “best Sunday lunch in Leeds”, Whitelock’s Ale House is a strong contender for one of the greatest Sunday roast options in the city. 

Another traditional option, the pub itself was established way back in 1715 and is the oldest pub in Leeds – so they really do deserve an honourable spot on this list. 

Offering up some of the biggest Yorkshire puds one has ever laid eyes on, Whitelock’s serves an exceptional roast dinner – with meat choices including roast chicken, roast topside beef, shoulder of lamb and pork loin with crackling, all coming in at under £14. 

The pub takes huge pride in the quality of their meat and the suppliers they use, a great indication of just how tasty their food really is. Each roast is served up with a jug of gravy (because no one likes a dry roast), crispy roasties and delicious seasonal vegetables. 

4. Shear’s Yard, Leeds City Centre

sunday roasts leeds
Credit: Shear’s Yard

Not your traditional Sunday lunch spot, Shear’s Yard is a more contemporary option – but that’s not to say their roast dinners aren’t strong contenders for the best Sunday roasts in Leeds. 

These guys really put the graft into their food, with their options including Sykes House Farm beef sirloin (which is roasted for 12 hours!), pan roast guinea fowl breast, roasted pork shoulder (which is roasted overnight) and a vegetarian option of Tunworth and onion and potato suet pudding. Posh, huh? 

While it might sound a bit more on the spenny side, the roasts come in at £14.50, packed with seasonal veggies, delicious crispy roast potatoes and a huge Yorkshire pudding – with all the gravy you’d like to finish it off. Mmmmm. 

5. Kirkstall Bridge Inn, Kirkstall 

sunday roasts leeds
Credit: Kirkstall Bridge Inn

Ranking in a list of the 50 best roast dinners in the UK, Kirkstall Bridge Inn should be on every avid roast dinner fan’s list. 

The traditional pub really piles up the grub, with huge Yorkshire puds, a great selection of meats and all the trimmings. Trust us on this one.

All served up in a very homely setting, there’s a choice of roast lamb shoulder, slow-cooked beef brisket with garlic and British roast pork with crackling (although the crackling goes fast!). Making their offering even more delicious, Kirkstall Bridge Inn also include all the seasonal veggies you could dream of, roast potatoes, sage and sausage stuffing (often a rarity!), cauliflower cheese, pigs in blankets and of course, a whopper of a Yorkshire pud – all completed with a ton of gravy. Dee-licious.

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[Featured image: Beck and Call Pub]

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