Bob Mortimer Was Recently Hospitalised After Admitting To Being ‘Not Very Well’

Bob Mortimer Was Recently Hospitalised After Admitting To Being ‘Not Very Well’

Comedian and star of the popular fishing show Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing has revealed he spent time in hospital after admitting to being ‘not very well’.

Speaking on Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre podcast, the comedian, who rose to fame in the 90s comic companion Vic Reeves, opened up about his health issues admitting he’s not very healthy at the moment.

He underwent a triple heart bypass back in 2015 but was in the hospital last weekend after finishing the filming for the fifth series of Gone Fishing. He was in a hospital bed two days later.

Bob Mortimer Hospital
Credit: BBC

Health issues are a talking point on the popular BBC fishing show, and bob admitted that they’re still at the front of his mind whilst assuring that he has made a full recovery.

Speaking about filming for the show and his hospitalisation to Richard Herring and the audience on the podcast he said: “I did it Tuesday, Wednesday and half of Thursday and I was in hospital on the Saturday. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that should I? It’s a real downer.”

That wasn’t the only health issue he raised on the podcast. He also discusses his rheumatoid arthritis explaining how he’d been diagnosed 40 years ago, but it had recently returned after decades with no symptoms.

Mortimer told the audience: “It is really sad for me to know whether it will go. Yes I might be fat but actually I am on steroids.”

Comedians Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse returned at the start of this month with their popular heart-healthy show Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing series 5. Back with more of their funny antics, deep talks, and of course fishing.

The show has proved a surprising success with fans of the show, some of whom don’t even like fishing enjoying cockney Paul Whitehouse and the Yorkshire-born Middlesborough lad Bob Mortimer. Serene locations, great chat and wholesome content have proven the order of the day with the British public who are excited about more fishing and banter.

You can catch up on the latest episodes of Gone Fishing via BBC iPlayer here.

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