Channel 5 Boss Praises ‘Our Yorkshire Farm’ As ‘Stand-Out’ Show

Channel 5 Boss Praises ‘Our Yorkshire Farm’ As ‘Stand-Out’ Show

Our Yorkshire Farm, which features the popular Yorkshire Shepherdess and her family has been praised by Channel 5 boss as one of the channel’s top shows. 

It’s known for its wholesome family content as it follows the life of Amanda, Clive and their nine kids as they run a farm in the Yorkshire Dales. The head of programming, Ben Frow rejected the idea of more “distinctively British” TV shows and said the channel is not government-led”, Yorkshire Live reported.

Credit: Channel 5

Speaking The Times he said: “I don’t really know what the Government meant. My job is to look at the schedule, make sure there’s a nice variety and try to second guess the audience.”

He mentioned the Our Yorkshire Farm as a show that holds ‘British values’ at its heart, which is why it has made such a stare with the nation. Frow also noted that Channel 5’s viewing figures were especially high in Yorkshire and that the channel was “of the people, for the people”.

Adding: “We’re not highfalutin, we’re not snooty, we don’t look down on our audience, we’re not patronising.”

Credit: Channel 5

The comments came as he questioned plans to make it a legal requirement for public broadcasters to preserve programmes that “could only have been made in the United Kingdom”. Ministers recently backed calls for God Save The Queen to be played on the BBC and other public broadcasters more often.

Andrew Rosindell, Conservative MP for Romford, told the Commons that airing the national anthem would provide a “great sense of unity and pride”, and Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries described the suggestion as “fantastic”.

“I am viewer-led, I am not Government-led when it comes to creative ideas.”

The Yorkshire Shepherdess, Amanda Owen recently spoke on Alan Titchmark’s ITV show Love You Weekend about her “regrets” about sharing family life on the tele.

Amanda was on the show to promote her new bestseller, ‘Celebrating the Seasons’ with the Yorkshire Shepherdess, which we have and it’s a great read. The discussion turned to Our Yorkshire Farm and Amanda’s feeling on their life and camera day-to-day.

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