This Hidden Inland Yorkshire Beach With Pub Nearby Where You Can Swim With Cows

This Hidden Inland Yorkshire Beach With Pub Nearby Where You Can Swim With Cows

Yorkshire’s beaches are the perfect place to chill out this summer, but if you happen to not live along the coast then a trip to the beach can be the right drive. Not if you live near Leeds though as Gaddings Dam in West Yorkshire is a real sand and water beach just a short drive away.

Yorkshire is home to some hidden gems, but inland, although it has some fantastic scenery is not known as a place for having a dip.

Found above Todmorden, on top of the hill not too far from the Pennine Way, Gaddings Dam was originally built in 1833 to supply water to the mill towns below but is now a fantastic inland beach.

The wild swimming spot is also unofficially known as the highest beach in the country, and Cow Beach is due to its popularity with animals as well as humans.

Be cautious as livestock can be unpredictable and when visiting be aware there is very little parking and sometimes emergency vehicles can’t get through – so maybe try parking away from the area and travelling to it.

Otherwise known as Todmorden Beach or Tod Beach, the dam due to its shallow nature, the water heats to a decent temperature in the summer sun, but it can also be rather cold due to the high altitude. It’s served as a hidden gem for locals and visitors that are lucky enough to be in the know.

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If that didn’t make it sound cool enough, the most popular way of getting there is by a trail from the Shepherd’s Rest Inn pub, which makes for the perfect stop-off for a pint on the way back. There is also Top Brink Inn that’s a little closer to the wild swimming spot.

 The residents all purchased the reservoir and worked hard to repair it, so make sure that you respect the area if you plan to visit.

And because it is relatively shallow the water heats to a comfortable temperature when there’s sufficient sun. Whilst having fun at Gaddings Beach just be aware of the rocks below so don’t dive in the water.

Its soft and sandy stretch of beach and beautiful views make it one of the best wild swimming spots in the North.

Make sure you bring sturdy boots as it is a steep hike on a rough path to reach the dam, and make sure you bring waterproofs as the weather can turn very quickly. To get to Gaddings Dam you have to walk and the most common trail is from Shepherdโ€™s Rest Inn on Lumbutts Road.

Find out more information here before visiting.

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