You Can Visit The ‘Happy Valley’ Cafe Where Catherine Confronted Claire In Iconic Scene

You Can Visit The ‘Happy Valley’ Cafe Where Catherine Confronted Claire In Iconic Scene

Everyone across the UK has got Happy Valley fever. The BBC drama series returned with a beginning this new year and we can’t get enough. Series three has kept us gripped throughout especially the now iconic ‘Happy Valley’ Cafe Scenewhen Catherine confronts sister Claire in the ‘Sheffield’ cafe.

The moment was built up perfectly in the second episode where Catherine, played by Sarah Lancashire, found out that her sister had been taking her grandson Ryan, to see his murderous father Tommy Lee Royce in prison behind her back.

Cawood confronts sister Claire, played by Siobhan Finneran, in episode three in a scene that people called some of the most powerful dramas in British television.

Happy Valley Cafe Scene
Credit: BBC

And you can visit the cafe where the scene played out, but not quite where you thought you might be visiting. The scene is set in Sheffield, but that actual cafe where it was filmed is actually in Bolton in the Greater Manchester region in the North West.

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Although set in the Calderdale region of Yorkshire, this scene was filmed in Bolton and the wonders of movie magic it was then set in South Yorkshire’s Sheffield.

The cafe is named Amico Cafe, and Happy Valley fans may want to make the expedition over the Pennines to experience where the scene played out first-hand.

Located in the town centre of Bolton, the independent cafe serves great coffee, breakfast and lunch with a side of drama. So, if you’d like to play out your own version of the iconic Happy Valley scene you now can.

Happy Valley Cafe Scene

Along with its claim to fame, the food at the Amico cafe actually looks amazing, so if you do visit let us know how the food is as we’d be tempted to visit ourselves.

Fans of the show have named Lancashire as one of the best actors of all time for her dramatic portrayal of Sergeant Catherin Cawood.

The actor easily flits from moments of drama and humour seamlessly in one scene and it has been noted by fans on many occasions.

Watch the opening scene from Happy Valley series 3 below:

Catch up on the latest series here.

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