Honeycomb Cider Is Now A Thing – And It Sounds Amazing

Summer is here, and with it comes all those wonderful flavoured ciders and spirits. This fresh bevvie by Brothers is an absolute winner. Their new honeycomb cider sounds like the most delicious beverage ever!

Credit: Brothers

Brothers describe their new Honeycomb flavour as a ‘tantalising mix of unique honey flavours with a subtle sweetness’. The new cider is 4% volume and comes in 500ml bottles – perfect for those bbq’s at your mates.

Credit; Unsplash

“We know that there is a huge desire from fruit cider drinkers for new and interesting flavours,” said Brothers’ senior marketing manager, Nicola Randal.

We are confident that our two new original flavours Pink Grapefruit and Honeycomb, will not only excite our existing customers but bring in new ones as well.”

Credit: Brothers

As well as the new Honeycomb flavour, Brothers have announced two more flavours – which are the quintessentially British, Cloudy Lemon, and a refreshing Pink Grapefruit.

All of the above sounds like a great addition to any garden party, picnic in the park or beer garden must – and we can’t wait to give them all a try.

Credit: Brothers

All of the new flavours are available now online, or you can wait until early April when they will be available in various outlets such as Bargain Booze, Best one and Londis. You can get a 12 x 500ml case of the new Honeycomb or Pink Grapefruit cider for £23 – not bad!

Speaking of new bevs, Baileys recently announced their new summer tipple in the form of their pina colada liqueur. The Xmas must, is now taking over summer with their new addition and we are very exited to try it out. It looks like this summer could be very different from last year – that’s for sure.

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