Hull’s Old Town Transformed Into Blitz Britain For New Apple TV Show

Hull’s Old Town Transformed Into Blitz Britain For New Apple TV Show

Hull’s Old Town has seen a range of production crews ascend upon it over the last few years and another film crew has been transforming the beautiful area of Hull into Blitz Britain as a new Apple TV production filmed yesterday.

Classic vehicles, horse and carts and shop fronts were transformed into traditional old-fashioned shops as filming was set to take place.

Credit: Darren Kendrew

Doors have been boarded up with signs reading “never mind the blasted windows walk right in we are open”. There are also sandbags are piled up against the door with crates shown in the image as well.

Credit: Stephen Campbell

There is also a range of filming equipment spread across the city as filming for the new Apple show takes place. There is limited information known about the production, but it is thought to be set in the Blitz.

It is also being directed by Steve McQueen and stars Saoirse Ronan who has been in such films as Atonement, Lovely Bones, and Little Women.

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Credit: Darren Kendrew

Other images show a vintage car parked up and some more old-fashioned signs including one that says Lil’s Cost Restaurant offering Pie & Mash, Fish Lunches and Jellied Eels.

Filming for the new production is set to last for two weeks in which there will be road closures and other things to take into account if you’re in and around the Hull area.

Credit: Darren Kendrew

Other productions filmed in the last year include the popular Netflix series The Crown, which transformed the city centre area near Princes Quay and also a massive Netflix film Enola Holmes starring the popular actress Millie Bobby Brown for the top series Stranger Things.

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Feature Image Credit: Darren Kendrew

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