Jeremy Clarkson Says School Kids Should Be ‘Smoking And Sh***ing, Not Swotting’

Jeremy Clarkson Says School Kids Should Be ‘Smoking And Sh***ing, Not Swotting’

Our school days are well and truly behind us. And, if you ask us, they weren’t all that bad. Seeing your mates every day, footy at dinner time beats sitting in an office for eight hours for sure.

Yorkshireman Jeremy Clarkson has a different spin on school life. Clarkson’s. A-Level days tweets where he reminds us all he only get a C and two Us have become synonymous with results day.

And speaking about school the former Top Gear presenter said: “I tell this story to kids, hoping they’ll realise that school is for smoking and sh***ing, not swotting.

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“But they all have it in their heads that without four A*s and a first from Oxford, they’re going to spend their lives endlessly asking customers if they’ve ever been to a Harvester before.”

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A man not to shy away from hyperbolic language might refer to the stress that is put on students to excel. He says that the focus on swotting “Makes them all unbelievably stressful.

“If you then throw the teachers strike into the mix, you end up with what we must now call a ‘mental health epidemic’. Exam results only really matter if you want to be a doctor or a lawyer and you need to be professionally qualified.

“I employed a chap on the farm last month and never looked at how he’d done at school or if he’d been to uni.”

Clarkson’s popular Prime Video show, Clarkson’s Farm, second series dropped at the start of the year and he recently confirmed the third series of the show.

In the series, we saw him fighting the local council for a car park and restaurant and some viewers weren’t happy about the councils treatment of the TV presenter turned farmer.

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