Jeremy Vine Defends Our Yorkshire Farm Star Amanda Owen After Social Services Revelation

Jeremy Vine Defends Our Yorkshire Farm Star Amanda Owen After Social Services Revelation

Jeremy Vine has jumped to Channel 5’s Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen after she explained she had a warning from social services at the Hay Festival of Literature & Arts in Wales where she was promoting her new book.

Amanda Owen made an appearance at the Hay Festival of Literature & Arts in Wales which finished this weekend. Whilst there the Our Yorkshire Farm presenter revealed her parenting style led her to have a brush with social services.

Credit: Channel 5

The 47-year-old has nine children with her husband Clive, was discussing her parenting style, saying she knows she isn’t a ‘perfect’ mother, highlighting that she likes to teach her kids lessons about their own ‘parameters’ which Vine praised her for on his show.

In Monday’s edition of The Jeremy Vine Show, he discussed the Yorkshire Dales farmer saying: “(Her CHildren) drive tractors and stuff and I guarantee someone, somewhere has taken exception.”

Lucy Beresford, Broadcaster and psychotherapist, added: “So she is saying her parenting is unconventional, she has a lot of children…”

Credit: Channel 5

To which Jeremy interjected: “She’s brilliant you’d love her.”

Lucy carried on, saying: “But she’s also that kind of parent who wants their children to make mistakes and fall over and experience resilience and develop strengthening of character. But it turns out that for some slightly unknown reason it’s been flagged to social services?”

To which Jeremy replied: “Well I think they’ve probably seen the children playing on a cliff or something.

“If you’re the wrong kind of person watching that programme and you see a child of seven helping the sheep give birth to a lamb you might think that shouldn’t be happening and call social services. 

Credit: Channel 5

“I don’t know what the flag means maybe they’ve just watched the programme.”

He added: “But there’s nothing unsafe here. It’s really odd this thing of blowing the whistle on perfectly innocent other people.”

The Yorkshire Shepherdess did not discuss the reason why she had been in contact with social services. She features on the popular Channel 5 show Our Yorkshire Farm, which follows her, husband lives and their children, Raven, 21, Reuben, 18, Miles, 15, Edith, 13, Violet, 11, Sidney, ten, Annas, eight, Clemmie, six, and Nancy, five, as they run their farm up in the Yorkshire Dales. 

She was at the festival to promote her latest book which is called Celebrating the Seasons a new book that shares charming stories from her farm throughout the year, from lambing to shearing taking us through life up on Ravenseat farm.

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