Leeds United Legend Chris Kamara Has Viewers In Tears As He Shares ‘Heartbreaking’ Health Update

Leeds United Legend Chris Kamara Has Viewers In Tears As He Shares ‘Heartbreaking’ Health Update

TV personality, Former Leeds United, Sheffield United and Bradford City star Chris Kamara shared ‘heartbreaking’ health update on ITV’s Good Morning Britain and received floods of support from viewers when he broke down in tear during his appearance.

The TV pundit suffers from Apraxia of Speech and was on the show to promote his new book My Unbelieveable Life. Opening up about his health battle in recent years Kammie left viewers in tears.

Tearing up on the show, he said: “I get upset talking about it, because I was in denial. I was ashamed that I couldn’t speak.”

Kammy said: “I went to see a brain specialist and I was only in there for two minutes and he said, ‘You’ve got Apraxia of Speech’, where the connection between the brain and mouth breaks down and you can’t say the words.”

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Vewers of the morning show took to X to show support to the football icon. One person wrote: “Chris Kamara is such a lovely guy. Someone cuddle him immediately please. It’s breaking my heart seeing him upset.”

Another wrote: “Well that set the tears off! Kammy what an absolute diamond….” And a third wrote: “Honestly my heart bleeds for Chris Kamara. One of the very good guys in life.”

The Middlesborough-born footballing legend took to X to share his thanks for the love displayed after his appearance on Good Morning Britain writing: “Big thank you to everyone who sent a message to me today. Sorry I was an emotional wreck on @GMB Would you believe I really am getting through this & @benshephard as you saw is there for me”.

Apraxia of Speech is a condition categorized as a speech sound disorder. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), it’s described as a neurological issue impacting the brain pathways responsible for orchestrating the sequence of movements necessary for speech production.

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Feature Image Credit: ITV