Yorkshire Woman Goes Viral After Taking Heating Panel To Work To Stop Kids Turning It up

Yorkshire Woman Goes Viral After Taking Heating Panel To Work To Stop Kids Turning It up

It’s getting to that time of year when you have to brave it out to November before you can think about the heating. And, with the cost of living crisis at the minute, some mums and dads across Yorkshire are having to come up with ways to keep the bills down – and this mum from Selby has had a genius idea.

One Yorkshire mum had the brilliant idea of just taking the controls to work with her, meaning the kids would just have to get a jumper and socks on like Yorkshire dads are always telling them.

Credit: Emma Ford

Posting to a Facebook group, mum Emma Ford from Selby wrote: “To save money this winter I’ve taken the boiler control panel off the wall and I’m taking it out with me to stop the teenager and preteen having the house like a sauna!

“Don’t worry though they have oodies, onesies and fluffy dressing gowns to keep them warm..”

Her post has since gone viral with over 8,000 shares, with many applauding the Yorkshire mum, and finding the funny side in her actions.

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There will be people who think this is a genius idea. Whether you have a partner who is always cold or kids who will sit around in t-shirts moaning about being cold. The simple act of making you think about other means of staying warm is what’ll save the pennies this year as we all strive to stretch our wages over the next few months.

There have been some great initiatives across the country to help those in need over the coming winter. One of the major supermarkets Asda has become quite the unsung hero, slashing prices in their cafes to ensure its customers can get by (and most importantly, stay warm) this winter.

Credit: Asda

Announcing a brand new £1 initiative – just months after announcing its ‘kids eat for £1’ offer – the supermarket will now serve soup with a roll and unlimited hot drinks for just £1 to customers over the age of 60.

Another great idea was this Yorkshire baker, who has opened up the room above his bakery where all the heat escapes to anyone who wants to come and keep warm. Although, measures like this shouldn’t be needed the fact people are showing how much kindness helps is a true testament.

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