E4’s New Show ‘Naked, Alone And Racing To Get Home’ To Feature Yorkshire-Born Model

E4’s New Show ‘Naked, Alone And Racing To Get Home’ To Feature Yorkshire-Born Model

A new show ‘Naked, Alone and Racing To Get Home’ starts on E4 tomorrow night. Watch as two pairs of complete strangers strip bare, giving up their clothes and possessions and race across the English countryside. Yorkshire-born ex-Playboy bunny Chrissie Wunna is one of the contestants taking part.

The Doncaster mum will be one of the strangers that will be stripping naked and racing across Britain baring all in a bid to win a cash prize for charity. The new reality show is a cheeky take on Channel 4’s ‘Naked Attraction’, which sees people pick their partners by seeing them without their clothes on first.

Credit: E4

In the new show starting tomorrow, contestants are left abandoned in a rural location left only with their wits. It will air at 9pm on E4 and is sure to make an impression on viewers. Chrissie, the Doncaster born lass is no stranger to tele. She’s appeared on daytime talk show Steph’s Packed Lunch (filmed on Leeds Docks), Channel 4’s First Dates and Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend.

Writing on social media Chrissie wrote: “‘Naked Alone & Racing To Get Home’ airs THIS Wednesday October 6th, 9pm on @E4Tweets

 “The hardest show I’ve ever done NAKED, racing across the British countryside to be the first across the finish line to win a cash prize for Charity.”

Naked Alone And Racing To Get Home
Credit: Chrissiewunna

E4 blurb desribes the new show saying: “Will they have the strength, resilience and resourcefulness to survive in the country’s most extreme environments, with nothing but their wits?

“And as they move towards the finish line in a busy town centre, will they be able to improvise cover for their modesty in order not to alarm the locals?”

The former model has dated A-list celebs such as ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ actor Joseph Fiennes and ‘There’s Something About Mary’ actor Matt Dillon.

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