Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen Has ‘Worst Day In Yonks’ On Ravenseat Farm

Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen Has ‘Worst Day In Yonks’ On Ravenseat Farm

Headline Everyone’s favourite shepherdess has taken to social media to share the ‘worst day in yonks’ on Ravenseat Farm due to Storm Franklin.

Owen issued a weather update to concerned fans, explaining storm Eunice had missed the form, but with a heavily pregnant mare, fans were worried about the upcoming Storm Franklin. 

On Sunday she posted a picture of herself looking windswept with the caption: “Grasping at straws 🌾🌾 and dealing with 💩 kinda day. 

A proper dose of wintery weather is preferable to incessant wind & rain.”

Amanda posted pics of her second youngest Clemmie next to a roaring little waterfall down on the farm on Sunday when the worst weather hit Yorkshire. Floods all over Yorkshire have been frequent as car parks flooded and rivers burst their banks.

She wrote: “Ray of sunshine on a less than pleasant day”.

In Amanda’s images, Clemmie can be seen taking shelter under some rocks. She said the weather on Sunday was ‘by far the worst in yonks’.

One person wrote: “Clemmy is a ray of sunshine, she could brighten the darkest of days”.

Another wrote: “Clemmi is a chipoff the ol’ block…tough as boots. Invincible to any weather. Most kids wouldn’t want to even look out of the window , let alone be seen out on the roughest moorland.”

Amanda Owen described the weather last week, which the Met Office gave an amber warning to as ‘diabolical’. She had to move her flock in case the snow that forecasters had announced will follow as Storm Eunice reaches the Dales.

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