Parma Violets Cocktails Are Now A Thing – And They’re The Perfect Summer Treat

Temperatures are finally starting to rise and the sun is making more of an appearance. We’ve decided that just having friends round for a drink isn’t a good enough way to celebrate the easing of lockdown measure, so we’ve been searching for the best and most crazy cocktails to enjoy in the garden and this Parma Violets cocktail look absolutely amazing.

Credit: Newfoodsuk

Posted by popular Instagram page: @NewfoodsUK, this new cocktail will take you right back to childhood with every sip. It’s well worth getting the blender out to create this little ditty this summer.

Swizzles recently released their new Parma Violets ice lollies which are new available at Iceland – and apparently they taste exactly like the tiny treats – so obviously they need to be used to make the most amazing cocktails.

Parma Violet Cocktail

Here’s how to try this Parma Violets cocktail at home (we may have personally added an extra shot of gin for good luck). Why not mix up the gin you use for more interesting flavours?


· 2 Parma Violet lollies
· 60ml of Parma Violets Gin
· Dash of soda water
Optional: Food colouring for presentation


Chuck the two lolies into a blender.
Next, add the gin, soda water and food colouring.
Blend until a smooth, slushy consistency is formed
Pour the mix into a gin glass and serve.

We can’t believe how easy it is as well. Best enjoyed in the gorgeous sunshine, we will be having a few of these this weekend. We all know the sunshine won’t last long, so we best get out in it before it leaves.

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