Yorkshire’s Oldest Brewery Is Still Serving Up Decent Cheap Pints

Yorkshire’s Oldest Brewery Is Still Serving Up Decent Cheap Pints

If you’ve grown up in Yorkshire then you’ve definitely enjoyed a pint in a Sam Smiths pub at some point in your travels. They are known for a few things, but our tight Yorkshire wallets know the main their pubs are known for.

Credit: Samuel Smith’s

Samuel Smiths Brewery is the oldest brewery in Yorkshire and is still going strong today. With their grand attention to detail and a focus on creating a good ol’ fashion pub atmosphere with the traditional settings and roaring fires. There isn’t much that time has changed over the hundreds of years of it being open This is why there is no surprise they’re still flourishing today.

They serve up a great range of ales from Taddy’s Lager, a range of bitters a range of fruit beers. They also do a range of their own non-alcoholic drinks as well so there is something for everyone.

Credit: Samuel Smith’s

Sam Smith’s pubs are the most traditional pubs you’ll find in England. They like to stick to traditions such as no phone, swearing and a big push on a social and fun time that have always been at the heart of a good traditional alehouse.

One of their biggest aims, and one that Yorkshire folk appreciate immensely, is that they’ve managed to keep the price of a pint as one of the cheapest in the country – without skimping on quality. A Sam Smiths pubs are one of the only ones where you can get a round in and still have changed from a twenty our wallets thanks them… Our wives don’t.

Credit: Samuel Smith’s

Yorkshire’s oldest brewery has been going since 1758 and still makes its beer the old-fashioned way using stone Yorkshire squares made of slate. The squares are used to ferment their stouts and ales and they have used the same yeast strain since the 1800s.

Samuel Smith’s still uses oak casks that naturally conditions the ale, and even have their own in house full-time cooper – who fixes the casks.

Credit: Samuel Smith’s

They have around 200 pubs that only sell Samuel Smiths ale. Most are small pubs found in the former mill, mine and steel areas of the north of England. They manage to stay open and serve the community.

Credit: Photo © Alan Murray-Rust (cc-by-sa/2.0)

The brewery is situated in the market town of Tadcaster on the outskirts of North Yorkshire. The town has been at the heart of the Brewing industry since the 14th Century – so you can guarantee the quality if still there in the traditional ales.

The brewery is one of two breweries in Tadcaster that was founded by members of the Smith family, the other being the more commonly known John Smith’s Brewery established in the 1800s.

Our favourite Samuel Smith’s pubs are the Kings Arms next to the River Ouse in York city centre, a small venue with lots of seats next to the river, whichhas great atmosphere in the summer. Also, one of Beverley’s oldest pubs The White Horse Inn or Nellies, which is now a Samuel Smith’s pub has all the classic features and is like taking a trip back in time.

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