Yorkshire Cheapest Pint To Rise By A Quid Now Lockdown Is Over

We’ve all enjoyed the pubs reopening this month. Whether you went out, or you stayed at home and decided to see what happens, it’s nice to see a little bit of normality getting back into society – although, it does seem like this is the calm before the storm.

The biggest question now? Whether our beloved locals can survive through this turbulent time, which is expected to see people spending much less now that jobs are being axed and workers continue to live off the furlough scheme.

Credit: Samuel Smith

One brewery that has felt the pull is Yorkshire’s oldest, Sam Smith. Founded in 1758, Sam Smith’s pubs are the most traditional pubs you’ll find in England. They like to stick to traditions such as no phone, swearing and a big push on a social and fun time that pubs have always been focused on.

One of their biggest pushes, and one that Yorkshire folk have always enjoyed, is the fact that they’ve managed to keep the price of a pint as one of the cheapest in the country – without skimping on quality.

Credit: Unsplash

But even they’ve struggled post-lockdown, and have announced that they’ll be hiking up the prices of some of their favourite beers by as much as £1. Taddy Lager will rise from £2.30 to £3.40 and their Soveriegn Bitter price will go from £2.04 to £3.04. You can hear the Yorkshireman’s cry already ‘Hooow muuchh?’.

Reports from The Sun show a Sam Smith’s landlord saying: “It’s a heck of a price hike – I don’t know how I’m going to explain it to the customers. It’s not going to make reopening after the lockdown any easier.” The report also shows that Sam Smith pubs won’t be the only ones implementing price changes, with Wetherspoons pubs set to be making the change too.

But, if it’s the price you pay to keep these places in business, then it’s a sacrifice worth making in our book!

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