Amanda Owen Supported By Fans For The Way She Parents Her 9 Children

Amanda Owen Supported By Fans For The Way She Parents Her 9 Children

There’s no celebrity in Yorkshire that has the region quite so fascinated as Amanda Owen (AKA The Yorkshire Shepherdess) has. And for good reason, too. Shedding light on her rural, farming lifestyle, affable Amanda captured the hearts of the nation on her family’s show Our Yorkshire Farm, and has become a matter of public interest since her debut. And one thing that has captured fans, in particular, is the TV star’s parenting.

Mother to nine children with former partner, Clive Owen, Amanda isn’t shy about sharing the behind-the-scenes of her private life – frequently sharing images from the farm with her social media followers.

This week, Amanda shared a series of images behind the scenes at the farm – which immediately had fans swarming to praise the lifestyle she has given her children.

In the images captioned “Work and play”, young Nancy can be seen sharing a beautiful moment with the family’s dog, Nell, who alongside older dog Sidney helps out on the farm.

Fans threw plenty of praise at the model mother, leaving comments such as “what a lovely relationship with your girls” and “Your children have such a wonderful connection with every animal they have in their care. It’s a real blessing they have had bestowed on them by their loving upbringing” – while others added that her children were a “credit to your parents” and that “All children should be brought up like yours”.

As seen on the programme, all nine of Amanda and Clive’s children play a part in helping out on the farm, where they learn a lot about not only farming, but nature caring for our environment and the important circle of life.

The children are, of course, free to pursue their other interests, with older family members such as Raven recently studying to be a vet at university, alongside volunteering for the NHS. Their eldest son Reuben also owns his own contracting company.

The family lives and works on Ravenseat Farm, and were recently renovating a new property in the Dales called Anty Johns before Amanda and Clive split.

[Featured image: The Yorkshire Shepherdess]

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