The Sean Bean Christmas Film That You Never Knew Existed

The Sean Bean Christmas Film That You Never Knew Existed

That’s right! The proud Yorkshire actor Sean Bean, known for playing brash characters that flaunt the laws, and his many deaths in the films he features in also has a family-friendly Christmas film that many have heralded as one of the best Christmas films out there. The Sean Bean Christmas film you may or may not have heard of is one to watch this festive period.

Entitled, The Christmas Twins, changed from Tom & Thomas, Bean’s Xmas jaunt tells the tale of two nine-year-old boys – one is in an orphanage-type place and the other who looks exactly like him lives with his father. Bean plays the boy’s father Paul Sheppard.

Sean Bean Christmas Film

The boys, Tom & Thomas, it seems have always been aware of each other’s existence without actually knowing each other through some intuition. And at the time they finally meet Tom is on the run from some child smugglers who operate their business from his orphanage.

The smugglers mistake Thomas for Tom and attempt to get him out of the country on a plane. Tom, who has no intention of losing his brother, finds himself in the middle of a smuggling operation and it takes all his efforts to reunite with his brother and bring the family together.

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It’s not surprising that a film with Bean still involves a whole host of action. We’re just surprised he isn’t wielding a sword and running around in Liam Neeson-style fashion to find his son.

Sean Bean Christmas Film

The film although it sounds farfetched has garnered some fantastic reviews and we are surprised that it isn’t as well known. The child who plays both twins is praised for his portrayal of the characters – and well Sean Bean is Sean Bean.

We haven’t found any streaming services playing the film, but you can get it cheap on Amazon here.

Watch the trailer for The Christmas Twins below:

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