Sharks Have Been Spotted Swimming In The River Ouse

Sharks Have Been Spotted Swimming In The River Ouse

From playful dolphins to solo seals on their gap year, Yorkshire has seen it all in its waters – at least, so we thought.

Spotted frolicking in York city centre’s waters just yesterday, dwarf shark have wiggled their way up the River Ouse – and luckily for us, there were a few passersby to document the sighting.

Now, naturally, it’s quite a unique situation for exotic fish such as sharks to find their way into more restricted waters such as a river, however, it’s believed that due to global warming, more and more species are getting lost in our waterways – with another recent incident involving dolphins swimming around the Ouse in Goole last winter.

Snapped by York local Jodie Bull, the sharks were seen making their way down the river along the Lendal Bridge area, before disappearing deeper into the waters and therefore more difficult to photograph.

Using a superzoom lens on her camera, Ms Bull managed to snap the miniature shark gliding under the water, before watching them take off towards the Selby direction – presumably on the hunt for sea waters again.

Commenting on the unusual sighting, experts believe that the school will have made the adventure from the North Sea, entering the River Ouse via the Humber in search of more food.

Marine biologist John Oker said: “Large marine life like sharks don’t belong in smaller waters such as rivers, so it’s rather concerning to see that this school has found its way inland.

J. Oker continued: “This usually occurs when a school is hunting for food, and since temperatures have been so low in recent weeks, they may have taken a wrong turn up the river unknowingly.”

Experts will need to track the shark to ensure they make their way back to the North Sea safely. Or, at least they would if this wasn’t a completely fictional article written for April Fool’s Day.

Sorry folk!

In actual news: Mini Heatwave Expected Over Easter As Brits Could See 20C Temperatures, Meteorologist Says

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