The North Of England Is Planting A Huge 50 Million-Tree Forest

The North Of England Is Planting A Huge 50 Million-Tree Forest

The North of England is banding together to plant 50 million new trees, in a project that will transform our landscape as we know it. Named The North Forest, the project will be found in and around the cities of Leeds, Hull, Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester and Chester. Working alongside the Woodland Trust, The Mersey Forest, City of Trees, White Rose Forest, and HEYwoods, the initiatives have begun their mission to plant more trees in the wonderful North – which will play a huge part in fighting climate change in the UK.

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Currently, only 7.6% of the North has woodland cover – which is lower than the England average. The plan to add an additional 50 million trees will benefit the area in numerous ways, including reducing the risk of flooding, storing thousands of tonnes of carbon, creating thousands of new jobs and making the people in the North happier and healthier.

Credit: Irina Iriser on Unsplash

The aim of the Northern Forest is to see habitats thrive, as well as encourage a woodland culture to flourish and reach its full potential – so that future generations can have somewhere beautiful and sustainable to live, work, explore, learn and play.

More than 120 Northern leaders and MPs have written to the Prime Minister to make a commitment to deliver the Northern Forest – asking for opportunities to support the development of green investment models.

Check out the Northern Forest Map below.

Credit: WTML

Mayor of Sheffield Dan Jarvis, who is co-ordinating the Northern Forest campaign, said: “It will be transformational for more than 13 million residents, improving their health and wellbeing. It will help habitats thrive, a woodland culture to flourish as well as helping to tackle climate change, reduce the risk of flooding and create thousands of new jobs.”

Darren Moorcroft, CEO, Woodland Trust, said: “The Northern Forest represents the green lungs of the Northern Powerhouse. This pioneering project spearheaded by Woodland Trust and the Community Forests will deliver millions of new trees planted, and billions of pounds worth of economic, social and environmental benefits to the region.

“If we are to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises the world faces, internationally significant projects like the Northern Forest must be at the forefront of bold, ambitious domestic thinking.”

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