The Price Of Fish & Chips Is Set To Rise Above £10 For First Time

The Price Of Fish & Chips Is Set To Rise Above £10 For First Time

We all know there ain’t much better than a chippy tea. It’s one of the finest meals of the week and you can’t get much better than Yorkshire fish and chips with fresh fish caught along the Yorkshire coast. But, it seems that a chippy tea might be getting a little pricier as the price of fish skyrockets.

The cost of the traditional fish and chip supper is on the verge of averaging £10 per head for the first time. Due to higher costs, prices have to rise. Cod prices have risen by 75% since October, and haddock by 81% – with even mushy peas doubling in price.

Not just that, there will be a return of 20% VAT from April. The National Federation of Fish Friers said the current average price is between £6.50 and £9 but warns it won’t be for long.

Andrew Crook, president of the federation said: ‘It could soon be over £10 and others are likely to do the same. Risking costs are really putting us under pressure and will push some out of business.’

A chippy owner from Haxby, North Yorkshire, David Miller, said fish and chips had been underpriced for a long time and they have to act fast to cope with a ‘tsunami’ of incoming costs.

Credit: Stuarts of Driffield

Roberto Rivero, Market Analyst at Admirals said: “Soaring energy prices, labour shortages and the rising cost of raw materials are pushing up input costs for businesses, which, in turn, is putting upward pressure on prices.

“Rising inflation should only be transitory until the economy is used to living with Covid-19. However, things are likely to get worse before getting better. If inflation continues to rise at a faster rate than wages, then the price of a pint would be the least of our concerns.

“The hospitality sector would likely suffer as people began to prioritise spending on essential items and, although many of us may think that a pint of beer on a Friday night is essential, things like food and household goods will take priority.”

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