Jeremy Clarkson Says King Charles Should Have Coronation In Sheffield

Jeremy Clarkson Says King Charles Should Have Coronation In Sheffield

The Doncaster-born presenter, known for his hit shows, Top Gear, Clarkson’s Farm and The Grand Tour, has put forward Sheffield as a location for the King’s coronation in his weekly Sunday Times column stating he could ‘level up’ by doing so

In his column, he jokes that in these times of financial difficulties, we don’t need a grand event in the nation’s capital – giving the Steel City as a passable alternative. And, whether he’s joking or not it would make for a beautiful backdrop in our opinion – after all, it was recently voted on of the coolest cities in the world.

Writing in his column, the Clarkson’s Farm star said: “Liz I was crowned by the Bishop of Carlisle. So Charles could go for Phillip Schofield.

Millennium Square is a modern city square in Sheffield, England

“He doesn’t even have to be crowned in London. Henry III chose Gloucester, so Charles could level up and choose Sheffield if the mood took him. Maybe he should.”

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He continued: “Pouring magic oil onto a man’s head and saying it makes him a monarch is like going around saying you’re a king because a lady in a lake gave you a sword. It’s idiotic.

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“And remember we already have the perfect food to serve: coronation chicken. Everyone loves that.”

Clarkson recently decided to create a beauty range named Grubby Farmer. Due to the name choice you may or may not be surprised to hear that Clarkson’s new range is a fragrance and skincare range – because farmers deserve to smell great as well.

He’s applied to trademark the products that could include aftershave, shaving and hand creams, anti-wrinkle items and perfume.

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