This Yorkshire Takeaway Was ‘Caught Cooking Chicken With Blow-torch’ On A Trolley

This Yorkshire Takeaway Was ‘Caught Cooking Chicken With Blow-torch’ On A Trolley

Giving new meaning to the phrase ‘street food’, a shocking video of a takeaway worker using a blowtorch to cook chicken in a warehouse cage behind a shop has gone viral.

Located on Parliament Road in Middlesborough two viral videos of the incident were shared by the popular Twitter page SuzesSport.

Watch the videos below:

The two viral videos show what seems to be raw meat being cooked behind a shop in an alleyway at the back of the spot in North Yorkshire, The Mirror reports.

The clips together have been watched almost 900k times and reached almost 2 million people. The video needs to be seen to be believed as the chicken sits in shopping trolleys surrounded by a rather unsanitary alleyway.

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The man recording says: “Is that safe to eat?! F***ing hell, I’m not eating that.”

In the video, the shop worker can be seen in blue gloves and an apron and looks sheepish as the person filming zooms in on the contents of the trolley.


Middlesbrough’s Council has been informed a spokesman said: “We are aware of the video circulating online and are looking into the matter.

“As a matter of course we expect all food processes to be carried out in a safe and hygienic manner.”

One person seems to be giving them the benefit of the doubt in the comments on Twitter writing: “I think he’s singing the skin to remove any stray feathers prior to preparing it for cooking.”

Another agreed writing: “we’ve been doing this in Bradford for years.”

Whilst a third wrote “this is wrong on so many levels”. We are unsure if the restaurant is still open or operating.

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