Yorkshire Has Been Revealed As The Region With The Best Drivers

Yorkshire Has Been Revealed As The Region With The Best Drivers
Well done, Yorkshiremen!

Pride yourself on being a fantastic driver? Turns out you’re not just full of yourself, because Yorkshire folk really are the best behind the wheel!

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Conducting a survey that assessed all aspect’s of drivers competence, Dayinsure surveyed 500 members of the British public, asking a series of questions to determine their competence on the road. Turns out not only are we skilled drivers, but also pretty polite people too!

67% of Yorkshire folk said they’ve never overtaken another vehicle when they shouldn’t have, and 40% stated they’d never exceeded the legal speed limit. I feel so proud, right now.

Credit: Pexels

Additionally, 53% of Yorkshire drivers said they’d never eaten, drank or smoked when behind the wheel. Absolute saints if you ask me.

The people of the South West were also pretty angelic coming in second place, with 80% of them saying they have never checked their phones while driving – even when stationary in traffic.

Wales followed closely behind in third, with the North West, Northern Island trailing afterwards. The worst drivers in the UK were revealed to be in the Midlands, where 63% of drivers admittedly they drank, ate and smoked behind the wheel. London was second to last, with a quarter revealing they had caused an accident before. Whoops.

Check out the full survey results here.

[Featured image: Unsplash]

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