You Can Now Buy Mini Toffee Crisp Eggs Stuffed With A Crispy Filling

This year, it really does seem like the chocolate Gods are answering all of our prayers, with a number of brand new products for us to try just in time for Easter.

The latest addition, however, has got our hearts beating real fast. Revealing just today, Instagram page @newfoodsuk posted to their followers that Toffee Crisp are set to release their very own mini eggs. The page is well loved for hunting down brand new snacks and food items that can be purchased in the UK, and regularly discovers brand new treats before they hit stores.

Posting an image of the alleged packaging, the packet reads that the mini eggs will have a “chocolatey centre with toffee and crispy pieces”, similarly to the classic Toffee Crisp chocolate bars that are arguably a British classic.

It’s currently not known when the tasty little snacks are due to hit stores, however @newfoodsuk has reported that they’ll be hitting supermarkets next month (February) – so it’s expected they’ll be available to purchase in all major stores.

Author: The Yorkshireman

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